Automotive Photo Editing Services

Automotive Photo Editing Service has significant value for the automobile business. You know, there are a large number of automobile industries around the world. Whether you have a new company or an existing one, you need marketing.

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Today online marketing has taken place of the regular one for the convenience. And, online marketing needs Car Photo Editing Service for increasing success. Here, we will not talk about the exclusive cars because they do not need any advertisements. But, for others, we believe graphic editing is quite important.

What is Car Photo Editing

Car Photo Editing makes a huge differences in digital photographs. You can call this Car Image Editing as well. So, what is the specialty of the editing? Well, the editing methods are the same as other Photo Editing Services. 

Here, the subjects are the cars and our job is to perfect the photo for a better presentation. However, the presentation virtually should be similar to the real ones. 

Otherwise, the company may lose trust from the customers. We do the editing to beautify the car photo maintaining the original view.

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Why Should You Choose Edit The Image Photo editing Service?

You must have seen a large number of Car photo Editors all over the world. So, what would be the reason for giving the job to us? Well, EditTheImage is a renowned Photo Editing Service provider which is experienced for more than ten long years. During that time, we have worked with worldwide automobile industries. 

And, it is our pleasure that our clients are truly satisfied with our editing works. We maintain the highest quality editing at a low cost. At the same time, we focus on customer satisfaction more than our benefits.

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Get a Free Trial Or Have Quote for Photo Editing Service

Edit The Image brings you a free trial option to evaluate our works on your car photographs. However, we have several examples of our done job for the same. You can check out them and have an idea of our works in action. We do the editing like it is our own. 

So, we make sure perfection all the way with the editing and quality control. And, this is because you can have an attractive car photo without any single impurity. 

Moreover, you can ask for a quote directly from our customer support division and go for placing the order. Whatever option you choose, we ensure the quality output.

What we can do for car image editing?

Basically we do the photo editing to make an image subject eye-catchy and perfect all the way. Our graphic designers use several methods during the editing procedure. 

As for the Car Image Editing, we start the operation separating the subject from the whole image. After that, we remove the impurities and polish the image subject for a smooth view. We also take care of the shadow so that the car image looks natural, not edited. 

All the editings we do keeping the original texture intact. Well, a car is not a human but we treat that as we treat model portraits. The editings we do for car images are;

  • Cut Out Image
  • Background Removal
  • Retouching
  • Drop Shadow
  • Color Correction & Color Replacement
  • Add Company template or Logo

Cut Out Image

The first thing we do as a Car image editor is separating the subject from the whole image. You can call this the Cut Out Service or Deep Etch Service. Here, we use the most convenient and handy tool of Adobe Photoshop, the Pen Tool. Yes, we use the Photoshop as Photo Editing Program. 

Well, there are other programs available but we use it for the accessibility and comfort in editing. We cut out the image subject and go for the next step of editing. However, we also use a similar method like this one in demand of the car photograph.

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Background Removal

Background Removal is also similar to the Cut Out Image. The reason for mentioning this separately is, the background is the part that we want to remove technically. For example, if we want to keep the original shadow of the car, we cannot just cut out it. 

We will use a method to keep the shadow intact. Similarly, when you need the car image on another background, you need to remove the existing one first. 

So, we remove the background of the way that you can use any background or white instead. And, as a professional Car Image Editor, we do it properly and efficiently.

automotive background removal service


Any presentation is perfect with a beauty retouching. As for the car or automobile photograph, the concept is applicable to the view. Any single spot or impurity is quite visible by high-definition cameras. 

So, if the photograph has spots or dust, you would not make the whole arrangements all over again. And, this is the reason the retouching is very important. Furthermore, to add some shine and even tone, we use this method. 

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Drop Shadow

Vehicle Photo Editing is natural with the shadow. Well, any shadow may not give you the appropriate impression which a Drop Shadow can. We have the service details in the Services section. So, the explanation is optional here. 

However, you can use any other shadows if you want in your car image. But, the best output you can get on your car is the Drop Shadow for online presentation. And, this is a Photoshop shadow option that can give your car a perfect and even shadow effect.

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Color Correction & Color Replacement

The necessity of Color Correction & Color Replacement is an optional editing for a car photograph. But, still, you can use them if you need to. Well, the effects will not harm the original outlook. Instead, it can give your vehicle photo a smart vibrant look. 

Though color correction & replacement are a little different but works the same way. You can ask for a color change to create a variety of cars you have. And, you can apply color correction to highlight the color and tone of the existing colored car. So, you may need it or not we have it for you.

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Add Company template or Logo

Company logo or template on the vehicle is a smart thing for automobile photo editing. Well, this is also an optional photo editing that you may like to use. Here, we add the logo or template on the car as it was there before taking the photograph. 

The addition of the logo is a pretty technical matter. If you place the logo on the car and leave that as it is, the view will be fake. Also, this will harm the smartness of the car photograph. 

We add the logo on the car calculating angle, curve, brightness, contrast, and exposure. In the end, we ensure perfection. For templates, we do the same as well.

Why do you need Car Photo Editing Services?

The prime objective of any Photo Editing Service is to create appeal. The purpose of Car Photo Editing Services is also the same. The subject is a vehicle and this is the only difference. 

But, the editing we need to do on the car are as reasonable as any special editing. Automobile industries today need a great course to show off for the business. Physical presentation is not always possible due to the size of the vehicle. 

Also, photographs can tell stories if the presentation is in the correct order. Hence, Car Photo Editing Services are very much needed. Besides automobile industries photo editing works we also do Auto Dealer Photo Editing as well.

Car Photo Editing Services at Edit The Image

Edit The Image, the Photo Editing Services provider is dedicated to any kind of works you need. Car Photo Editing Services is even more important for us. And, the reason is the value of the business. Any automobile industry establishment costs millions of dollars. 

So, the profit should be according to that. So, there should be no mistake in the presentation of a vehicle image for online marketing. Even for offline, the photo editing means a lot. But, online marketing is much effective for the business spread. So, Edit The Image makes sure to deliver car photographs in the perfect & presentable manner.

Why Work With Us?

You may have Automotive Photo Editing Service provides around you. And, they are offering you low-cost Photo Editing Services for your car photographs. So, we should have some reasons for having the job from you, isn’t it? Well, with more than ten years of experience and thousands of car photo editing is for a starter. 

We have honorable clients in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, UAE, and many other countries. And, we have not used any trick to achieve their trust. We have won their trust with the quality, price, and commitment. Photo editing is our business and passion. But, Car Photo Editing Services are our specialty. Also, we do auto parts photo editing as a regular job.

Car Photo Editing Services at Affordable Price

Whatever photo editing we do or however we do that, the price always a matter to think. Car Photo Editing Services have a couple of methods that we implement. So, the price is also variable depending on the services required. If you need the Cut Out or the Background Removal services, the price will be less. 

If you need Retouching and other editings as well, the cost will be more. But, ABC always keep the price reasonable so that you can have the best output. Quality depends on the cost. So, we never give you false commitments and deliver low-quality output at cheap rates. 

And, that is why we offer you affordable prices for Automobile Photo Editing with the highest quality. You can judge our quality and price with other service providers. And, we believe, you will get back to us.

Why we are the best car photo editing provider company?

Best is an adjective, which is in the category of English Grammar called the ‘Degree of Comparison’. And, the word emphasizes the highest position of anything or any work. Our achievement of the ‘Best Car Photo Editing Provider Company’ is given by our customers. 

So, it is our great honor to have such a compliment. But, the achievement along with the honor did not come easily. We always do our best to achieve the best results in photo editing. Price is a part that we cannot ignore due to the business flow. 

But, the quality is the thing that we always maintain without any compromise. We believe, as a Car photo Editor, quality works are our strengths to win customer satisfaction. And, we will keep doing that to maintain our reputation unchanged.