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Image Background Removal Service is quite popular today. The main purpose of the service is to separate the image subject from the background. E-commerce business or online business platform use the service frequently. Images that are not compatible with e-commerce website terms need the service. And, e-commerce websites always ask for the product images without the background or on a white background. Well, the service is not really limited to online marketing sites only. Magazine cover pages, Banners, Festoons, and all other visual presentations use the service. Also, you can use the service for personal images as well.

What is image background removal?

Image Background Removal Service has a unique appeal in the world of editing. But, what is it? With the words in the subject means removing the background. Well, there is another question. Remove the background from what? The answer is, from the image subject. When we capture an image, we focus on something or someone. The focusing person or the object is our subject in the image. So, everything behind that is the background. If you think that removing the background is so simple, separating the subject, you are wrong. The image contains the subject and background in a two-dimensional frame. So, if you want to separate them you need to go through a procedure which is the Background Removal Service.

background removal services company

Categories Of Image Background Removal Service

As all the images do not contain subjects with the same complexity. So, the categories are different too. And, for that reason, Background Removal Service has some categories too. Well, there are millions of images with different complexity. How can we figure out the match with a few ones? Nothing to worry. Just go through the types and you will know how to.

Basic Shaped Subjects:

Background removal with the basic shaped object is the easiest. The subject contains less than six anchor points and no embedded transparency. Also, the shape has straight lines and very few curves. An egg, a ring, a mobile phone, a book, etc. and things like these are the subjects.

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Simple Shaped Subjects:

Subjects with more than six anchor points and one or two holes are simple shaped ones. Also, there may be curves and straight lines but not too much. To separate the subject from the background is still easy. Shoes, rings, headphones, t-shirt, etc. are examples of this category.

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Medium Shaped Subjects:

A little more difficulty level, medium shaped subjects need multiple paths to take care of. Also, the subject contains more anchor points, embedded transparent areas, and a couple of closed paths. Engine parts, rings, food, birds, etc. are examples of the medium shaped object background removal. 

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Complex Shaped Subjects:

As the category sounds, the subjects are also complex to handle. Jewelry, furniture, bicycle, chain, group of people, etc. are difficult enough to separate from the background. To remove the background from these kinds of subjects need more concentration and time. Well, don’t worry, we (ABC) got you covered.

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Super Complex Shaped Subjects:

Background removal of the super complex shaped objects are the most difficult of all. Here, the subject contains curves, lines, anchor points, holes, multiple paths, and soft edges too. Yes, the soft edges have made the subject more difficult to handle. We need to use a couple of Photoshop techniques to remove the background from this category.

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How to remove the background from an image

Removing the background from an image can be done in a couple of ways. We are mentioning some here. All you do, get perfection with your accuracy and expertise.

Background Remove by using the Pen tool

Background removal with the Pen Tool is the most used technique. For the procedure, we use the Pen Tool of Photoshop. You may have heard the working procedure of the tool. So, we will go in brief. To use the Pen Tool, first we select it from the tools panel. On the subject edge, we click on finding a convenient spot. The point will be the starting anchor point. 

Next, we go over the edge and click on another part of the edge to create another anchor point. But, this time we click and drag at the same time. Doing this, we can modify the line or change it to a curve. Also, we get two handles to modify the curve. We go over the edge of the subject like this and end up at the starting point. 

Then we Ctrl+Enter for Win or Command+Return for MAC. After that, we use Ctrl+J for Win or Command+J for MAC to copy the selection to a new layer and hide the original image. Now, the background is removed. 

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Adjustment Brush Using Auto Mask

Adjustment Brush using Auto Mask for background removal actually applied to the camera RAW image. For the procedure, we open the image in Photoshop and the Camera RAW window automatically opens up. Then we click on the ‘Adjustment Brush’ from the tools panel and decrease the saturation to minus 100%. At the bottom of the sliders, we see ‘Flow’ and ‘Density’ and increase them to 100%. 

Next, we check the box ‘Auto Mask’ and brush around the edge of the subject. When we covered around the subject, check the ‘Show Mask’ box to see the progress. After that, we unchecked the ‘Auto Mask’ box and brush over other areas to complete the mask. If any area we miss by the process, we use the Auto Mask again and go for that. Especially for the transparent areas inside the subject. Then we click on ‘Open Image’ and it is done.

The Best and Quickest Method

The best and quickest method of background removal is quite conditional. Well, there is not one specific way for the perfect and fast operation. Depending on the subject and the image condition, the process varies. For example, if the subject has hard edges without any holes inside, Clipping Path is the best way. If the subject has soft edges, Image Masking is the best. If the subject has hard edges and soft edges both, Clipping Path and Masking both need to use. So, you cannot use only one technique for all the images to remove the background.

Advanced Photoshop background removal:

When you have a subject along with the background that is far more complex to handle, what would you do? Well, here comes the Advanced Photoshop Background Removal technique for you. The process is quite complicated. But, if you do it properly, you can handle any image to remove the background. The method we use for images that has soft edges or flying hair and a very busy background. Clipping Path and Image Masking are not good for those. So, here we are with the advanced option.

We use the ‘Background Eraser’ tool for this which is combined with the ‘Eraser’ tool group. Click and hold on the Eraser tool. You will get three options. One of them is the Background Eraser tool. Now, we open the image with the most complex details and take the tool to erase the background. Before using the Eraser, we make a copy of the background layer and add a solid color below the copy layer. 

The reason is, when we erase the background, the solid color will be visible and we can see the changes. We use the soft round brush and the Eyedropper tool named ‘Sampling Once’. We erase around the edges until all the areas are covered. Then we press and hold the Ctrl for Win or Command for MAC and click on the layer to make a selection. 

After that, we make another copy of the background layer. We place the layer over the solid colored layer and use a mask. Then we delete the layer where we erased the background and select the masked layer. Next, we select the Brush tool. With the foreground color black, we brush over the leftover areas and that’s it. 

Clipping path background removal:

Clipping Path for removing the background has a strong position in image editing. And, there are several reasons behind that. First of all, selection by the Clipping Path is perfect with the edge. Secondly, most of the subjects for e-commerce business are with hard edges. Thirdly, we can save the path for further use. 

Fourthly, the path has the option to modify later. Also, there are other reasons that background removal with the Clipping Path is quite effective. Graphic designers use this method for most of the cases. (ABC) has efficient graphic designers for Clipping Path.

Why Background Removal Services

Mostly used by the e-commerce websites, Background Removal Services are common in editing. We already know that major e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba has the condition of product images without the background. So, it is mandatory to remove the background before uploading for online marketing. Except for these, Magazine cover pages, banners, Posters need Background Removal Service. And, sometimes, people need the service for personal photos in various conditions. In another sense, in need of background change, we use the service. Also, combining multiple subjects in one, the service is the only way.

Benefits of Background Remove

The prime objectives of Background removal are already clear to us, we believe. When you have separated the subject, you have the freedom to use it however you want. You can change the background or replace it with another one easily. For example, if you take a selfie at your home and remove the background, you can place your image on another one. Like a sea beach or on a mountain, it is just a simple animation. Though the service is mainly for e-commerce photos, it is really amazing for personal photos as well.

Who needs image background removal services?

Background Removal Services are so useful that you can use it in most places. Well, no offense, but you should not use it wrong. E-commerce business fields are the main section where the service actually important. You know, there are thousands of e-commerce sites. Product images on those sites are without the background to avoid distractions. Also, publishers, magazine cover pages, advertisement agencies need this service. And, if you want, to use it for personal use, you can do it as well.

When to use background removal

As we already talked about the Background Removal Services, we hope you understand the use of it. Image subject presentation without distraction is the main goal. So, when you need to highlight an image to draw the people’s attention, you should use it. If you need to change the image background, you will need it. And, if you want to create a good impression with the product, person, or subject only, you will need Background Removal Service as well. So, it is quite clear of the uses of the service. And, the service is very useful in various situations.

When not to use background removal

Background Removal has enough uses in the world of business. But, there are some places where you should not use it. For example, a table full of dishes with varieties of food. If you select one specific dish and remove the background, it will be different. The presentation of the whole arrangement will be lost. Similarly, when you have a group of people with a nice scenario behind, you should not use it. Photos from Weddings, celebrations, parties, etc. and these kinds of moments are priceless. Here too, background removal is not the right thing.

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