Image Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path Service is the most basic one among all image editing services. Also, the service is the most demanding for the products’ online marketing. The main theme is to separate any specific portion from the whole image. Our clipping path company may not be the best clipping path service provider. 


But, we do the best to reach the top. Whatever your image subject is or how complex is the image, leave it to us. We have highly experienced and dedicated graphic designers who work restlessly for you. Rely on us on any sort of image editing including Clipping Path service and let up prove worthy.

What Is Clipping Path?

Clipping Path Service is the primary editing for any image subject. Clipping Path in Photoshop is the most renowned of all. Using the legendary Pen Tool we mark the area with anchor points. The editing is also known as the Clipping Art. 

In Photoshop you will see the Paths window. The path starts with the Pen Tool from one point of the subject edge. Then following the edge we mark around the edge and end up at the starting point. 

Then we make the selection and have the liberty to separate it from the image. The clipping path service providers do the whole procedure altogether for the purpose.

clipping path service company

Types of Photo Clipping Path :

Depending on the subject complexity Clipping Path service or Clipping Art has some types. We will go in brief as the total explanation may require thousands of words. We mainly use the Clipping Path for making the background transparent in photoshop. So, we include clipping path specialists in our team to do the job properly.

Basic Clipping Path

Basic Clipping Path is the primary of all clipping path services. The image subject has not any difficult curves or tricky points around the edge. Only some anchor points with straight and simple curves to mark with the path. And, the subject has no holes or embedded transparency. 

basic clipping path service company

Simple Clipping Path

A step ahead than the Basic Clipping Path, Simple Clipping Path needs a little more work to do. Image subject with more anchor points with curves and lines are for this type. One or two holes may need to take care of. shoes, t-shirt, camera, etc. are the examples.

simple clipping path service company

Medium Clipping Path

Medium Clipping Path is applicable for the subject image (s) that has more anchor points and holes. Also, the edge of the subject has more curves in various forms. And, need to handle more difficult points than the Simple Clipping Path subjects. Food, toys, watches, etc. are examples.

medium clipping path services

Complex Clipping Path

Image subjects like jewelry, furniture, group people, etc. have complex shapes and designs. For these kinds of subjects Complex Clipping Path is applicable. Several closed paths and holes need to handle in this. Complex Clipping Path is the option when others are not capable of.

complex image clipping path service

Multiple Clipping Path

Have you heard the art of Clipping Path? Well, Multiple Clipping Path is just the thing. With this Clipping Path method we handle multiple subjects separately. 

Also, we can color, customize, and modify or reshape if you require it. Magazine cover pages, advertisement banners, etc. get made with this one.

complex clipping path service

Super Complex Clipping Path

Super Complex Clipping Path is the most advanced image editing among all Clipping Path services. Enough anchor points, holes, complex-shaped edges, wavy designs, soft edges, etc. are the things to handle in this. For example, flying haired subjects, group photos, trees, etc. Our Clipping Path Specialists are very efficient to handle all the services so well.

super complex clipping path service provider

How We Do The Clipping Path?

The operation of Clipping Path is quite simple but needs experiences. We use the Pen Tool of Photoshop for the purpose. First, we click on a convenient point to start with. Then we go with the edges of the image subject to create a closed path. 

If the subject has holes or embedded transparent areas, we make another path for that. Similarly, for multiple subjects, we create several paths. The anchor points are modifiable. So, if it comes to change or modify any border we use the handles of the anchor point. Each anchor point has two handles to perform.

Who Need Photo Clipping Path Service?

Clipping Path Service we use to select the subject from the whole image. So, anyone can have the service for their images. Well, everyone can and everyone needs are not the same thing of course. The service is highly used for the product images for online marketing. 

And, there are several reasons behind that. Like, e-commerce sites demand the image of the product without any background or on a white one. The subject is well focused without any other objects around. 

The product image that is meant for marketing should have an eye-catching look. Clipping Path Service gives the image distraction-free look.

How Do You Create a Clipping Path In Photoshop?

With Photoshop clipping path, we create an anchor point on the edge of the subject. Then we go for the next anchor point and so on. When we complete the whole path, click on the starting point to finish. To change remove an anchor point, we click on the point. 

You will see a minus (-) sign if you take the cursor to the point. To add an anchor point, we press and hold Ctrl for Win or Command for MAC and click on the path. To modify any curve, we press and hold Alt for Win or Option for MAC and click on the anchor point beside the curve. 

We get two handles and again press and hold the Alt for Win or Option for MAC. Then we click on any handle to change the curve.

When To Use Clipping Path?

The use of the Clipping Path actually depends on the subject edge. When the subject has hard edges, Clipping Path works on that well. The reason is, subjects with the hard edges are easy to handle. Moreover, with the method, the operation is very easy. 

If you use any other selection tool for subjects with hard edges, it will kill more time. So, we use the Pen Tool of Photoshop to create a path around the subject with hard edges. The way of creating a path we already mentioned above. 

When Not to Use Clipping Path?

Subjects with soft edges are difficult and inaccurate to handle by the Clipping Path. Flying haired or fluffy soft-edged subjects are not good for Clipping Path. Photoshop has other selection tools to deal with them. Why? Well there is an important reason for that. 

Any photographs we use for the method are Raster image actually. Raster images are made of pixels. So, when you have soft edges, the pixels become lighter by color. Hard edges do not have lighter colors on the edge. Hence, Clipping Path for the soft-edged subject is not good to use.

How To Remove The Background From An Image With Image Clipping

To remove the background make a selection of the subject first by clipping paths. Well, if the subject is on a solid colored background, we use the background instead. Then we invert the selection to select the subject. 

And, after that, we copy the selection to another layer or use a Mask. To remove background with image clipping, first we make a closed path over the edge around the subject. 

Then we make a selection by pressing and holding Ctrl for Win or Command for MAC and clicking on the path. Once we make the selection, we copy the subject on another layer. We use Ctrl+J for Win or Command+J for MAC to copy the selection to a new layer.

How To Make An Image Have a Transparent Background With Clipping Paths

Photoshop Clipping Path is very effective to separate the subject with hard edges. When we separate the subject, the background is transparent automatically. So, how we do that? At, first we make the selection of the subject. Then, there are two options to make the background transparent in Photoshop.

  • Copying the subject to a new layer and hide the other layer: To copy the subject, we use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J for Win or Command+J for MAC. Then we hide the original image from Photoshop’s Layers window.
  • Using a Clipping Mask: With the selection of the subject, we click on the Mask button. Mask hides the area that is not selected. You can see the Mask button at the bottom of the Layers panel.

How Will You Place An Order?

To place an order in our clipping path company, please go to the contact us page. Fill up the order submission form with the instruction. But, before that make sure to get the quote for the editing you need. To do so, please contact our customer care division and ask what you need. Our project completion steps are as below;

  • Get the quote according to your instruction
  • Have a reply whing 15 minutes
  • Give your confirmation to proceed with the project
  • Get the completed files by given turnaround time

You can send us the project files through “File Mail”, “We Transfer”, “Plus Transfer”, FTP or Dropbox.

Image Clipping Paths at Affordable Price:

We always do our best to keep the price low for the services you need. We are in a competitive world. Everyone providing the services is trying to get orders at an attractive price. But, we offer you a comparatively low price with the highest quality professional Clipping Path service. 

Though we offer a low price than most others, we never compromise with the perfection. Some clipping path service companies may offer less price than us but we assure you they cannot give you the quality. Also, we give up to 50% discount on the bulk order depending on the quantity.

Clipping Path Services at Edit The Image

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