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Drop Shadow Service does one specific shadow creation that can give you an outstanding effect. Well, this one is not real or natural. But, the effects you get from this is quite realistic. And, this also means, you can create a real like shadow under the subject if you want. For this you need to separate the subject from the background. Well, the Background Removal is a mandatory part of any shadow effect. Except for maintaining the original shadow, all other shadow creation you can modify by choice. But, drop shadow has a fame in the world of

What Is Drop Shadow Effect

To be precise, the Drop Shadow Effect is a Photoshop option to use and customize. When you cut out a subject from the whole image, you have the freedom to add a drop shadow on that. The shadow is very convenient to handle as you can do whatever you want with that. Just make sure you do not overdo it as you may make that artificial. 

So, you need to keep the effect within the limit. You will find a couple of options to apply and customize according to your need. Use the Photoshop Drop Shadow options in order to match with the subject. Well, sometimes this shadow may not give you the original effect but creates an impression in the end.


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Why Edit The Image

Well, this is a pretty common question in the sense of online marketing. The prime reason is to represent a product image with an eye-catching form. And, it is obvious, you cannot get the perfect shot depending on the shooting gear only. Also, professional photographers use the Image Editing Service to get the best results. 

And, there are several reasons behind this. Our eyes cannot capture every single detail that a professional camera can. For this reason, the actors in front of the camera take enough makeup to be seen picture perfect. Product images need editing and shadow service for the same.

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Drop Shadow Service Pricing

Pricing of Drop Shadow Service is variable depending on the image and the subject complexity. So, it is not possible to mention the price of the services exactly. Well, we can give you an idea of the price but may vary image to image. 

Our starting price is $0.49 per image for the basic shaped objects. Does it sound familiar with the term ‘basic shaped object’? Yes, you got that right. The price differs depending on the Cut Out Services. 

Background Removal Services is the mother of all image cut out services. Clipping Path Services are in the front raw. As we need to clip a subject then apply the drop shadow, the price also combines both of them. Well, we do give discounts under detailed discussion.

Bulk Services

Bulk Services of Drop Shadow has a great effect on pricing. We know, there is always a bulk discount on any services. But, the Drop Shadow Service’s bulk discount is a little different. We give up to 50% discount on bulk on any service you take from us. 

In the case of this service, we try to give you a little more. For example, in a project with the Basic Shaped Objects cut out and shadow creation. If you need the same Drop Shadow on every image, we will try to give more discounts. On the other hand, if you need different shadows in different images, the discount may remain as usual.

Types of Shadow Effect

Types of Shadow Effect deserves the definition of the shadow at first. According to Wikipedia, “A shadow is a dark (real image) area where an opaque object blocks light from a light source.” So, this means, shadow requires three conditions. One, the light. Two, opaque object. And, three, blocking. 

And, depending on the three conditions shadows have variety. The types of the Shadow Effect are very few in number. You may not find it fascinating with the variety but it really matters a lot. Though we do not need to explain the matter in detail, we will try to brief a little bit. 

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow is the easiest and cheapest service among all shadow creation services. As we already know, Drop Shadow is a Photoshop technique. You do not need to work hard for this one. Instead, you can achieve this by the Photoshop filter. 

According to the word ‘Drop’ the shadow we add under the subject. Well, there are options to modify the shadow as we want. And, that also means, you have the freedom to place the shadow anywhere you need to. 

In fact, you can place the shadow by angle or move that with the cursor. But, the perfect drop shadow stays below with limited spreading.

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Natural Shadow

Natural Shadow is the best one as it is real. But, you may face some situations when you need to keep the natural shadow. And, you cannot keep that because of some awkward surroundings. 

For example, the shadow is on a dark surface and you cannot separate it from the surface. Or the shadow is in a better condition but the subject blends up with the complex surroundings. For these kinds of situations, you need to keep the natural shadow. 

Drop shadow may not reflect the real impression here. So, we use several editings and techniques to maintain the natural shadow and get the perfect one.

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Existing Shadow or Cast Shadow

Keeping the original shadow with the subject is the category Existing Shadow or Cast Shadow. Shadow with the subject is so crucial sometimes due to the theme. So, we keep the shadow intact with the subject. 

The process is quite complicated and takes expertise to get perfection. Several unwanted objects may create difficulties to the process. Suppose the background of the subject has a shadow over a colored object. 

And, this is a critical situation to remove the object but keep the shadow safe. We use several Photoshop techniques and tools to do the job. The final image will so perfect as there was nothing unwanted with the shadow.

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Floating Shadow and Reflections

Have you ever noticed an object on a glass or reflecting surface? If you look over the object from one side, you will see a reflection on the surface. The effect is natural on account of light, viewing angle, and glossy surface. 

You can achieve natural reflection during photography with expertise. But, what if you cannot get the best satisfactory result or the very result you want? We bring you ‘Floating Shadow and Reflections’ Service to serve you the purpose. 

Whatever the condition is on the photograph, we can give you the perfect reflection. For the process, we cut out the subject from the image and add a reflection effect later.

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Photoshop Drop Shadow Services

Photoshop Drop Shadow Services has a great demand for product photo editing. You can create a Drop Shadow and limit that without much effort. However, you should take care of the subject considering the light over it. Makes sense? 

Let me clarify the matter a little more. Shadow has a common characteristic. When light comes from one direction, you will see the shadow on another. For example, if the light is from the top-right you will have the shadow on the bottom-left of the subject. 

So, literally you need to add the shadow calculating the light source. Photoshop Drop Shadow works perfectly if you can sort the things out.

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How to add a shadow effect to images

Adding a shadow effect to images is the easy part. Anyone can use a few Photoshop tools and techniques to do that. The hard part is achieving perfection. Before going for the procedure, we use Background Removal Services for the subject of the image. 

Clipping Path Service is the most effective for the subjects with hard edges. As for the soft-edged subjects Image Masking Services are the most convenient. After separating the subject we add shadow effects on that. For Drop Shadow, we use Photoshop filters. 

For retaining original shadow, we use the ‘Content-Aware Fill’ option then take out the shadow with the subject. For reflection shadow, we copy the subject then place it under the original one with proper editing. Also, there are other options to add a shadow effect to images.

Drop Shadow Service for E-commerce Product

E-commerce Products need Drop Shadow Service the most. The prime reason for this is the attraction. You do not want your product image without any appeal, do you? Of course not. Because that would be unprofessional. 

Besides, all the product images you see on e-commerce websites are so polished and eye-catchy. So, you need to compete with other products with yours. And, you will need Product Photo Editing Services for sure. 

You can use the Photo Retouching Services to beautify the surface. And, then you should use the Drop Shadow with it. A proper combination or the Photo Editing Services can give your product images a strong position in online marketplaces.

Why Use Drop Shadow Service

The question is a moral one that relates to “Why you should have image editing Services.” The answer is pretty simple. And, that is ‘to gain beauty and perfection. Drop Shadow Service gives your product image a complete look. Look at a product image without any shadow. 

Definitely, it will not look so appealing. Moreover, you will see that something is missing. Now, look as another image that has a shadow with the perfect match. 

Of course, the product with the shadow looks complete and much better. Drop Shadow Service can give you a natural shadow effect with a three-dimensional view.

Drop Shadow Services at Edit The Image

Drop Shadow Service is an amazing one among all Image Editing Services. The specialty is, it doesn’t matter whether you can capture the best shadow effect while capturing. We can give you the best matching shadow for your image. 

The effect is customizable and you can modify the properties of it. Photoshop filters are special in this. The edited image you will find more perfect than the natural one. 

Moreover, photo shooting in a studio contains enough lighting from all sides to achieve the best shot. You may not get the shadow of this kind of image. So, Drop Shadow Service is the life-saver when all others fail.