Food Photo Editing Service

Food Photo Editing comes with the necessity of mouth-watering advertisement. Photographs can attract people with the most yummy look. The taste and satisfaction comes later. But, if the food does not look good to eat, people may not get attracted. Hence, the editing for the food photographs is significant. 

professional food photo editing services

Well, food photography by professional photographers is the first step of the procedure. For the attraction in the image, several editing services are important to use. Well, it is not constant to use the same type of services for all the foods. But, some common editing methods are important to use for successful editing.

What Is Food Photo Editing?

The graphical editing that gives food photographs a delicious view is Food Photo Editing. A number of graphic editing techniques need to implement for the procedure. Everything should look natural otherwise all in a ruin. Only experienced and creative graphic designers can do such a job.

Edit The Image proudly announces the most compatible and expert designers are in the company. We give the editing a proper meaning with perfection and determination. You may have seen food photo editor online services on the websites. But, to get the perfect output, you better rely on offline handheld editing.

Editing Methods for Food Photographs :

As already mentioned about some editing methods are necessary for Food Photo Editing. Here, you can get to know about them and their course of action. Lightroom food photography presets can be useful sometimes. Well, the theme is pretty simple. All the editing methods that can beautify an image are useful for this. Methods are the name only to mention. But, the real credit goes to the creative designers who use their creative thinking to implement them.

Background Removal

One of the most common methods of Food Photo Editing is the Background Removal. Well, sometimes we do not use this one according to the customer requirement. For those scenarios, background has some meaning and needs to leave for betterment. Except for this, all other photographs need to separate from the background. 

And, the advantages of this procedure is remarkable in many ways. All other editing services we are about to discuss is convenient after this. So, for a good looking and appealing image of foods, better to start with the Background Removal.

professional food photography editing

Image Masking

Image Masking holds the power to take care of soft-edged foods. Well, this is a kind of Background removal but enhanced. The process is completely non-destructive. So, you do not need to worry about mistakes or work with super accuracy. 

But, if you ask for the Clipping Path to make a selection then use masking, the result will be different. For some food photos, soft and hard edges both are important to take care of. And, we use masking considering the subject that we are handling.

editing food photography from edit the image


Another common and most used Food Photo Editing method is Retouching. Today we have amazing high-definition shooting gears to shoot photos with details. The photographs look perfect with the definition but, any small impurities also look very clear. So, you do not need to take hundreds of shots to capture picture-perfect images. 

Just leave it to us and wait a little until our mentioned turnaround time. In the meantime, we take care of every impurity and imperfections at this stage. The final image after this part is quite presentable. But, wait a little for some more editing comes next.

food photo retouching services

Shadow Addition

Any subject that is real and natural, needs some shadows to complete the view. After removing the background from an image, the subject may look incomplete. And, it seems that something is missing. Well, if you want to keep the original shadow, that is a little different. For this, you need to take the food photo over a solid colored surface. 

In other cases, we use Photoshop to create realistic shadows according to the subject. Among all kinds of shadow addition, Drop Shadow is quite popular, matching, and cost-saving. Well, this doesn’t mean the shadow is not good enough. Drop Shadow is smart enough to match the scenario. And, it is customizable.

food photo editing drop shadow services

Color Correction

Food Photo Editing has a philosopher’s stone that turns a simple photo into a masterpiece. And, it is magic by the Photoshop Color Correction. Only a little adjustment can give the photo a vibrant tone. In order to make the food photo mouthwatering, this editing matters a lot. Well, the theme is to make the photo beautiful and appealing. 

So, the adjustments and combinations are depending on the subject we handle. Also, we can focus on any specific color and adjust that for the job. Sometimes, Color Lookup presets help to do the job in less effort. But, the result is often so beautiful to look at. Also, this is the method of how to correct the white balance of the photo.

food photo editing and color changing

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation is useful sometimes for Food Photo Editing. Well, for professional business photography this one is less used. But, sometimes a simple object with the existing photo can change the game. For example, you have a photograph of a pizza with a lot of cheese and pepperoni.  

But, three leaves of mint top enhances the presentation. You don’t think of arranging the whole view all over again, do you? To save your labor along with doing the whole arrangements again, we use Photo Manipulation. We add the mint leaves as natural as it should be.

food image editing services

360° Animation

Presentation in moving or rotating view for food photographs is a different style. Food Photo Editing with a 360° rotating view is quite eye-catchy. You need to follow several rules and capture several photos for this method. We do the rest of the images from editing to animation creation. Things to maintain for photography are;

  • Place the food/dish on a table that you can rotate.
  • Mark the table around the edge maintaining the same angular distance. If you want to take 6 photographs for the animation, make the marks 60° difference calculating from the center. For smoother animation, you can use more photos. 36 photos in 360° is very nice for the animation.
  • Place the camera in a position where you can capture the best photographs.
  • Take a photo and rotate the table according to the marked angle and take the next one.
  • Complete taking all the photographs maintaining all the rules stated above and send them to us.

Then we will do all the editings required for the animation and get back to you with the done file.

How we do Food Photo Editing?

Edit The Image follow two different ways for the Food Photo Editing. If the photograph is still and needs editing for a yummy mouthwatering look, we work over a photo only. First of all, we observe the image properly to figure out the things to take care of. Secondly, we take care of the background (if the client asks to remove or change). 

But if the background is important to keep, we do the editing and corrections in that too. Thirdly, we work on the impurities and imperfections and solve them. Fourthly, we add shadows to make it look natural and complete in view. After that, we go for the color and tone adjustments (if asked by the client) and add a vibrance. And finally, if any other requirements from the client, we cover them.

And, if you need an animation, we do all the editings and create a presentation. For the animation, the more images you use maintaining constant angle, the more smother the rotation will be.

Who needs Food Photo Editing

Food Photographs are required for some specific sections. So, everyone who needs Product Photo Editing Services, does not need this service. The persons and organizations are related to the food-related business, are in need of this. Besides, liaison houses who work as middlemen need this service too. 

People who need this service should keep something in mind. Quality should be first priority in Food Photo Editing. The owner of a restaurant will not destroy his/her reputation because of some cheap unrealistic editing. Professional works should be the best choice.

How Will You Place An Order?

To place an order for Edit The Image, you can directly message us through our website. We have 24/7 working customer support division who are responsible and dedicated to value every message. Send us your project images altogether and mention your comments to follow. 

You will get ‘Order Received’ confirmation within five minutes from receiving your order. Then we will send you the quote for the editing per image of the project with the estimated turnaround time. 

As we get your clearance, we start working on the project and get back to you within the turnaround time. You can also try our free trial before placing a bulk order.

Food Photo Editing at Affordable Price:

ABC offers affordable low price per image for Food Photo Editing. Well, you can check out other photo editing service providers to know the difference. But, some online photo editing service providers may offer a low price to get orders. Trust us, the quality of the edited final image will not pass through the experts. ABC always do the best to maintain the affordable low cost. At the same time, we give you uncompromising quality that makes every image natural.

Food Photo Editing Services at Edit The Image Outsource Company

Food Photo Editing in Edit The Image is not only a task to complete but also a matter of reputation. With the experience of ten long years, we are in a position to serve the highest quality editing service. Price, quality, and quick turnaround time are the principles of our company. We offer the lowest possible cost for the photo editing. Also, we maintain the highest quality. And, we complete the job within the shortest turnaround time. Besides, we give you up to  50% discount on bulk depending on the order quantity.