Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing

Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing has great use in fashion-related business organizations. For online marketing or apparel presentation, Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing is quite popular. You may have a question in mind, when we have human models, why would we use the mannequin? Well, there are several reasons for the service. 

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But the most reasonable and important one is availability. And, this also answers the question, how to photograph clothing without a model? You can take images whenever you need to if you have a mannequin. Human models are not always available. In fact, some crucial moments when you need them the most, you cannot have them. Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing can save you from that kind of situation and gives more.

What Is Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Service

Before going for the definition of Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Service, let’s know the meaning first. Well, you can call this magic mannequin as well. ‘Ghost’ means invisible in the sense of photo editing. ‘Mannequin’ means a human-like dummy doll. And, ‘Photo Editing Service’ means the editings that we do over the image. 

So, the editing of the photos that creates a ghostly hollow look of an apparel by making the mannequin invisible is the Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Service. We use several tools and techniques of Photoshop to remove the mannequin and add back parts to complete it. The final image looks like invisible someone was wearing it. Also, you will have retouching to correct the errors from the image if you want.

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Ghost Mannequin pricing

Like other product photo editing services prices, Ghost Mannequin price also varies. And it depends on the image complexity. For example, the service prices for a basic t-shirt and a luxury wedding dress are not the same. Moreover, the price also depends on the types of services you need in an image. When you need only a neck-joint service, the cost will be less. If you need neck-joint, sleeve-joint, and bottom-joint services, the cost will be more. And, if you need a complete ghost mannequin effect with 3D/360° packshot, the price will be even more. The starting price of the Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Service is $0.49 per image.

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Bulk Services

Our bulk services for the Ghost Mannequin effect is self-dependent and quite rich. You can give your projects to us for a better performance. With 150+ efficient graphic designers, our team is eligible to handle big quantity files. We can deliver up to 5000 images per day with the highest quality. 

We never compromise with the quality whether we get a profit or not. At the same time, we make sure the lowest price possible for the services. And, always maintain the turnaround time. Also, we have a bulk discount facility up to 50% depending on the image quantity and the services you need.

Types Of Ghost Mannequin Effect In Photoshop

The types of Ghost Mannequin are a few in number. Depending on the requirements, there are four types. And, they are;

  1. 360-Degree Mannequin Effect
  2. Neck Joint Ghost Mannequin Effect
  3. Bottom Joint Ghost Mannequin Effect
  4. Sleeves Mannequin Effect

The editing method is quite the same. The difference is with the position of the editing on the apparel and output form. We will need several pictures of the same apparel from various positions. First of all, we will need the front part of the apparel with the mannequin. Then, we will need the back part of the apparel. In here, the back part means the portion that is not visible for the mannequin. Then we combine them together to give the apparel a complete look. We also handle ghost mannequin raw images to edit and customize.

360-Degree Mannequin Effect

Ghost mannequin 360 is the most attractive type of service with animation. For the process, we use multiple images of the same apparel from various angles. Also, we need to add the back part and any part that is not visible over a mannequin. For the 360 degree view, we will need photos from each angle you want for the presentation. If you want the apparel rotation 60-degree difference, we will need photos from 6 angles. Similarly, if you need the rotation 30-degree difference, we will need photos from 12 angles around. So, this means, for the 360-degree presentation, the number of photos we need depends on the angle difference from one to another.

Neck Joint Ghost Mannequin Effect

Neck Joint Ghost Mannequin Effect is quite popular and most used of all. The basic thing is, when we remove the mannequin, the back part will be blank. And, without the back part, the apparel will lose the complete view. Moreover, the back part of the apparel contains some information like labels, size info, brand name, etc. So, it is very important to add that specific part to fit on the back with the front part. After we remove the mannequin and the background, we add the back part. We make sure to match the back part with the front part to get a perfect view.

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Bottom Joint Ghost Mannequin Effect

The bottom joint is also a very important Ghost Mannequin Effect service. You see, when we wear apparel the front part is visible. You cannot see the back part of that. The back part of the bottom is often longer than the front part. When you put the garment or apparel on a mannequin, you need to take the photo with the mannequin. Then remove it from the mannequin and take another photo of the back part. We do the rest of the job to combine them together. We use the Clipping Path Service to cut out the parts from the whole image and add back part with the front pat to complete the image.

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Sleeves Mannequin Effect

Same as the other categories, Sleeves Mannequin Effect we use to complete the image look. And, this one is for the sleeves of the apparel. We will need the whole garment photo with the mannequin and the backside of the sleeve without it. Like other Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing, we will join the back part for sleeves too. Well, is some situations, we use a copy of the front part and adjust that in the position of the back part. The situation is conditional. If we can get the back part, we add that as usual. But, if clients advise us to clone the back part, we can do that as well.

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Why Edit The Image Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Editing Service for the image has great importance for online marketing. You can use the human model if you want but there will be some situations. For the best presentation, the human models should be more effective. But, they are expensive and you cannot have them whenever you want. Moreover, the models spend enough money to keep their body fit, stunning and attractive. So, you need to pay more. But, when you use a mannequin, you can get rid of all the difficulties. Take the photos of the apparel with the mannequin and send them to us. We will do the rest and you will have stunning ghostly hollow apparel images.

Professional Ghost Mannequin Service

Are you tensed of editing the photographs by someone with Ghost Mannequin Service? EditTheImage is here to serve you the best. Our graphic designers are so efficient with the editing. With years of experience we can give the Professional Ghost Mannequin Services. Any kind of image you have for the editing, we cover them all. You do not need to hesitate to give us the job. You can check out our done images and take the free trials as well. You can get free Ghost Mannequin Effect Service online but will not have satisfactory results. So, if you need Professional Ghost Mannequin Service near you, give us the opportunity to serve you.

When to use ghost mannequin

Every business organization wants their product presentation beautiful and eye-catchy. And, this applies to the apparel business even more. At the same time, we need to take care of the cost of the presentation. Fashion photography without models was a dream for these reasons. And, that is why Ghost Mannequin Effects become popular today. You just need to invest once for the mannequins and use them as many times as you need to. Also, you do not need to worry about a bit of perfection. We got you covered with the editing. We will remove the mannequin and do any editing necessary. And, in the end, we give you the best output with a ghostly hollow look.

When not to use ghost mannequin

Ghost mannequin is very effective for the apparel images. Even though, you cannot deny the value of the presentation of human models. When you need to represent exclusive garments, you should use real models instead of mannequins. Obviously, this will help your business a step ahead. Also, how to take pictures of clothes without a mannequin? Of course by a human model. Well, this technique is effective but expensive. But, this increases your brand value. Also, for the items except for apparel, you should not use the mannequin. And, the reason is, you do not need a ghostly hollow look for every product.

Ghost mannequin at Edit the Image

Image editing services began the journey to perfect the subject for a better outlook. Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services has more at editing the image. Here we use several Photoshop techniques to achieve the best results. First of all, we use the Clipping Path Service to cut out the apparel image from the background and the mannequin. Secondly, we add the back part of the apparel to give that a complete look. Then, we use the Photo Retouching Service on the apparel image to correct the impurities. You can have a professional photo retouching service to fulfill the need. And, finally, we edit the shape to get the perfection. We do our best to give the perfect output to your apparel with Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing.