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Many times specific colors of our objects in the images like accessories, ornaments, products, or outfits need to get distorted to dissimilar and multiple colors. And all this can only be achieved through color correction service which is amazing image editing service.

The good news is that our company provides less costly yet quality numerous color correction effects. Generally, our color correction processes is useful when it comes to removing any imperfections from clients images to enhance their structure. Without much said, consider going through the below guide to help you understand how we do our color collection, what it is, how essential it is etc.

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Edit The Image is a professional photo editing services for Photographers, eCommerce and Online Retailers who are looking to grow their business through an outsource photo editing studio. Our dedicated and expert photo editing team provides 5000 plus images every single day. Get in touch with us send us a free trial to judge our quality. We’re glad to help you expand your business.

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What They Say

“For a few objects, I had a Clipping Path created from Edit The Image. I found them amazing with perfect path creation. Good job.”

Nathan L. Hahn (USA)

“You have taken care of all the impurities beautifully. The impression is natural and the finishing is great. Thank you, Edit The Image for a nice job.”

Daniel B. Nixon

“The symmetrical ghost mannequin effect I asked for came exactly as I expected. No sign of imperfections or mismatch. Well done Edit The Image team.”

Anssi Korpela

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Do you have a footage which is a bit overexposed or a dull one in a way it even spoils even the quality o your video? We are here to help you solve that. Color correction is a perfect process in such case but when done by the experts.

What our customers should know is that our color editing and color correction service is among every essential and primary extensive Photoshop we have. It is where every clip of the footage is effectively altered to eventually match consistent high-quality of appearance.

Typically, correcting issues of the underlying photo via balancing our colors, maybe making blacks look black, white look white and ensuring everything is smooth. Overall, color correction means to re-dye or any image change. It is a helpful process that improves the diversity of an image.

Our company provides the customers personalized services they need. Generally, we relentlessly thrive and understand the client desired results to deliver your imagines end outcomes. There are top tools we basically use to deliver what you ask:
– Channel mixer
– Replace color tool
– Color balance
– Color overlay
– Levels and curves
– Burn and Dodge
– Gradient map
– Enhanced color mixing right in raw format
– Gamman and contrast levels

Generally, in photography it rarely to typically get pictures which absolutely balanced. This means it is hard to get black images which are truly black and white images which are truly white and this is because in this case there are numerous varying illumination sources and objects reflecting off to each or mixing up different colors in the space. Below are top causes of color distortions:

– Camera settings
– Source of light
– Objects around other subject

High-quality and professional color correction injects natural and life into the photo. Overall, it elevates image quality right from good to a great as well as from the great to out outstanding.

– Tint correction
In this method we correct shadow and exposure level of any image. Our experts adds increases white balance right to clients image to keep brightness similar to the original.

– Correcting contrast
Essentially, keeping perfect contrast of your image is vital for every photographers professionals. This is because a picture with suitable contrast can expose the shadow region appropriately and highlights brighter.

– Changing product color
Our experts creates needs color variants as per client requirements.

– Highlight correction
If you have an image with washed-out parts or preferably a strong backlight, this method can help. The experts can utilize this process to handle the unwanted camera flash or potent sunlight exposure

– Adjusting white balance
In some cases, overexposed and under images tends to show imbalanced, unpleasing balance. In this case, white balance feature is used to eventually correct the tone of the message.

Overall different business requires this service to enhance the online presence of their products. In some case, they have only a single image of a specific product variant as well as organizing proper Photo-shoot in different products, which incur additional time and money.

Thus, it is in these situations where colour corrections can provide these business owners chances of replicating a variety of colours for their products. Further, agencies, studios or personal photographers utilize color correct often to tone or correct the image.

How to chosen the right clipping path service provider

Selecting the best clipping service provider, especially online, might be challenging without a supportive guide. To get the best clipping path service, below are some tips to consider:


This is an essential thing you cannot compromise. Observe and compare clipping styles of your suppliers to see what fits what you want.

Customer support

Of course, you cannot wait for hours and hours for your queries or messages to be sorted out. A service provider that has strong and reliable customer support is more helpful.

Cost and payment

Remember to analyze and look pricing structure which favors you.

Service list

The best is a clipping path that also does other things such as ghost mannequins, photo retouching, and vector conversion. We utilize various people contractors based on the editing work needed.

Image Color Correction or Color Changing Services from Edit The Image

The path has served as a professional image editing and colour change service supplier within the industry for more years. Besides, our dedicated team has over 400 plus experts and editors who have already served thousands of clients before, and they were satisfied. We value our client's time, money, and quality work and best customer service. Our team has understanding and experience in dealing right with real customers to easily understand all clients' needs. In addition, we got an active support centre supplying 24/7.

By hiring us, you will get desired professional image. Besides, this will save our clients time, effort and money. Our dedicated and friendly support always offers our clients the best outcomes. Colour correction service comprises services like shadow balance, colour variants, white balance, colour change, highlight change etc. In this case, we provide reasonable rates and prices for all colour correction services making sure you are satisfied with our delivery.

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product image editing services for amazon
product image editing services for amazon