Image Masking Services

Image Masking Services hold the power to make visible or invisible of any area in the image. Well, this is a kind of Background Removal Service but advanced. And, the process is reversible in any situation. Not the undo option to go back, instead you can have the facility to manage any area. When the best Clipping Path Service is not enough to serve the purpose, the Image Masking Service is the one you need.

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Well, it may sound complex but our graphic designers can handle it well. The editing acts like another layer inside the existing layer. So, the procedure is quite easy to handle. The manageable layer can be turned on/off or allow you to make changes as you want.

What Is Image Masking

Image Masking is a kind of service that you can use for separating the subject from an image. If you use an image subject with the hard edges, the operation is easy. And, if you have the subject with soft edges, Image Masking is the most effective way. So, it doesn’t matter whether the subject has hard edges or soft, Image Masking Service is sufficient. 

You may have a question in mind: if Image Masking can do all kinds of background removal, why do we use Clipping Path Service or Deep Etch Service? Well, Image Masking is good but other services we need to use, depend on the image complexity.

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Image Masking Service pricing

Pricing for Image Masking Service is variable depending on the subject complexity. Well, all the image editing services depend on that but this one is different. We use the Image Masking Service when the Clipping Path is not good for subject separation. Moreover, for the subjects with stray hair or thin far, it is far more complicated. 

The price is also high for this kind of masking. We always try to keep the price low in comparison to the subject. Price starts for the service at $0.49 per image. Well, if you need Image Retouching Services also, we have room for negotiation.

Bulk Services

We have the perfect setup for the Image Masking bulk services. A lot of companies ask for e-commerce product photo editing in quantity. Our 150+ efficient graphic designers work 24/7 by shifting. 

So, no matter what the image quantity, we cover you. We can deliver 5000 images per day with the highest quality of editing. Also, we have a bulk discount of up to 50% depending on the quantity and image complexity. 

Well, this is our standard bulk service term. We can talk about the work process and output facilities after calculating the project images. Have faith in us. We will give the best output possible.

Start Image Masking Services at Edit The Image Company

You must have heard of the free Image Masking Services online. Well, it is obvious to have the service under various conditions. Also, the websites containing such services locate you to the mother website. The clipping path company that does the cutout, also does the masking as well. 

We are offering you better than that to start Image Masking Services at Edit the Image Company with us. You do not need to handle the pain and let us do it for you. With years of experience, we are at a level to serve you the best with confidence.

Photoshop Image Masking Service Categories

Photoshop Image Masking Service Categories are a couple in number. However, the types not only depend on the image subject and background but also on the editing methods we use. Photoshop contains a large number of tools and options for a perfect Image Masking. To give you a better performance, we use the Pen-Tablet (Wacom) device. 

And, this gives hand-drawn Clipping Mask Service with a perfect output. Especially, this device works better for the subjects with stray hair or creating hairbrushes in Photoshop. You can also add High-End Beauty Retouching Services with all the categories if you like.

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Layer Masks

Image Masking in Photoshop starts with the Layer Masks. And, they are applicable to the image layer. Photoshop has layers and we can work on them for convenience. For Image Masking Services, Layer Masks are a very common and frequently used technique. The process is quite simple. We use the selection tool to select the subject from the background. 

After that, we add the mask on that layer. When we use the mask the selected area is visible only. Any other areas that are not selected will be hidden. So, you can have the subject without the background. Well, there is an inverse option to do just the opposite.

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Clipping Mask

Clipping Mask is the combination of Clipping Path Service and a mask. The operation of the Clipping Path Services goes with the Pen Tool. We mark the area which we want to separate from the background by this. And, this is the method we know as clipping. For masking, we add a mask with the layer after the clipping and selection. 

Through this, we have a mask according to the selection. As we already know the process is non-destructive, we can show or hide any area anytime. Generally, we use the Clipping Mask to simplify the selection process for the subjects with hard edges.

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Alpha Channel Mask

Alpha Channel Masking is another method to select the subject and separate it from the background. Instead of using the selection tool or the mask directly, we use channels. Now, what are the channels? Channels are the basic color mode. When you use a channel you can have a specific color to handle.

 That means with the Alpha Channel Mask we can make the selection using the color. Well, the colors are the basic ones Red, Green, and Blue. We use this masking when other masking procedures are not very effective. Photoshop is the best Image Masking software for Alpha Channel Mask.

Hair Masking

Hair Masking is a pretty difficult process as the edges are very thin to select. With this one, we deal with the subject that has stray hair or soft far. Any random selection tool is not effective to make the selection. So, we need to use a special technique only for this one. We use Photoshop’s artificial intelligence for the primary selection. 

Then we use the Select and Mask option to fine-tune it. Then we go through a couple of adjustments just to make the selection perfect. hair masking images HD quality is only possible by the service. The final output is as perfect as the subject without any background.

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Transparent Object Masking

The image containing transparent objects like glasses, water, lenses, etc. need the Transparent Object Masking. The opacity is the reason for the transparency of any object. We can see through an item when the opacity is 0-5%. And, these kinds of objects are very difficult to select and separate from the background. 

Another term is the Translucent object. And, this one is semi-transparent but can see-through enough. Both the subjects need a different technique to maintain the transparency. We make sure to use the Transparent Object Masking to remove the background. And, then we can place any background you want.

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Color Masking

Up until we have learned the masking process with the perfect edge selection. Now is the time to know about applying multiple colors instead of the existing ones. Color Masking comes with the terms Masking and Color. According to customer requirements we do the masking process. The activity starts with the masking. 

We mask the image subject and instead of solid black or white color, we use multiple colors in the subject. Conversion to a Logo of a subject like a human being or anything is a better example. Also, we create an artistic shape similar to the subject with the Color Masking.

The Importance of Image Masking Service

Image Masking Services has great importance in Product Photo Editing Services and more. From simple background removal to advance level editing is quite effective with the service. Especially, when other background removing techniques fail, Image Masking is the life-saver. 

The output is excellent and perfect in every way. Well, as the process depends on the selection of the subject, the cost will vary. However, considering the best result of deep etch, the price is quite acceptable. After the process when we place the subject onto another background, looks perfect in every way.

Why Edit The Image

Image editing has lots of advantages and it is more important to Image Masking. Professional Image Manipulation is a common method for the graphic designers. Though the prime purpose is to remove the background, the further operation is quite fascinating. The correction of any mistakes at any stage is very convenient. 

Moreover, the process is non-destructive. So, you can use the existing mask or change that to another, no problem. The image along with the subject is always intact. Well, if you apply the layer mask on the background layer and save, the process is irreversible. Except for that, everything is quite helpful in image editing.

What Are the Advantages and Proposes of Our Company?

EditTheImage is a company that serves Photo Editing Services. Well, a lot of other companies do that. So, why would you choose us for your editing job? Highest quality, affordable low price, and job completion within the turnaround time our business policy. The quality we give you is among the best in the world. 

We always make sure of uncompromising quality. Then, comes the price. We always try to keep the price affordable and comparatively low. And, about turnaround time, we value your business. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’, and we follow this every bit. And, we maintain the turnaround time for each project we handle.

Image Masking Services at Edit The Image

Image Masking Service is one of the most important Photo Editing Services. Though, the activity starts with the background removal, other editings are beyond that. Besides, the operation is completely reversible at any stage. No other services in the image editing world has this facility. 

The operation works as a real face mask that can transform the image subject. We add perfection to the masked image later and the output is so seductive. And, if you want your images or projects perfect with the Image masking, let EditTheImage serve you the best.