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Jewelry Photo Editing has great importance in the e-commerce websites. Well, jewelry is a product when you consider this business. And, for that reason, Photo Editing Services has a specific section named Jewelry Photo Editing Service. We take care of the jewelry image, anything that requires. Well, it is quite obvious to have the subject image look shiny and appealing. But, at the same time, it is mandatory to keep the genuine view intact. Overdo is never good for a smart presentation. So, we edit the jewelry image like it is so attractive and eye-catchy naturally. And, try to avoid cheap retouching services to have better results.

Our Jewelry Retouching Services Include:

A couple of editing methods we need to apply in a significant manner. Well, sometimes, all that we are mentioning here may not be a must. So, we analyze the subject before implementing the right thing required. Separating the subject with the Background Removal Service is the first thing to do. 

Generally, we use the Clipping Path or the Image masking Service for this one. Next, we go for the Retouching such as impurities correction, spot removal, addition of shine, etc. and more. And, finally, we take care of the tone and exposure for a gorgeous looking jewelry product.

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Jewelry Retouching Pricing

The price for any photo editing depends on a couple of things. And, there is no universal system to calculate the price on an average. Though we try to make this simple in order to customer convenience, the price is variable. Things that matter to vary the prices for jewelry photography retouching are;

  1. Jewelry image complexity
  2. Background status
  3. Spot and impurities presence
  4. Services required for the jewelry image
  5. Image Manipulation if needed
  6. The quantity of the files in a project.

Considering all the matters mentioned above, we offer our Jewelry Photo Editing price starts from $0.49 per image. So, ask for a quote with reference to get an attractive price.

Bulk Services

Before you place your order for bulk services, we have a couple of options for you to judge us. And, as you are satisfied with the free trial and quote, you are welcome to take our bulk service. Well, for bulk order we have a couple more facilities you can enjoy from Edit The Image. The price for jewelry image editing will be low on an average is the first one. 

When you place your order in a high-quantity, we honor you with the price. Moreover, we have a bulk discount offer depending on the image quantity. Our expert jewelry photo editors can deliver you with the best service in bulk.

Start Jewelry Editing With Edit The Image Photo Editing Company

If you have a business of Jewelry or need to represent through online, you need to edit jewelry photos. Doing this by yourself would be time-consuming and distracting from the main business. So, it is better to give someone the editing job which is a Photo Editing Company. 

For professional purposes, you will need professional editing. So, let a Photo Editing Company do the job that can serve you well. Start with a small project for evaluating the performance. If everything is in order, go for the large quantity.

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What Does Jewelry Photo Editing Services Include?

Jewelry Photo Editing Services include a number of jobs to do for a better performance. The most common one is the Background Removal. And, there are a few techniques we can apply like Clipping Path, Image Masking, etc. 

The next one is the impurities correction. We remove the spots, marks, damages, etc. for a smooth beautiful look. Exposure correction is the next one for the service. We correct the color, tone, and shine for a sparkling look. Also, there are a few things that we adjust in between while working on it. 

Jewelry Background Removal

The first and common editing we need to do on jewelry is the Background Removal. It is quite necessary to give the jewelry a distraction-free clean look. So, there is no alternative to removing the background. Well, after this you can ask for any background you want. 

But, the best look you can gain with the black colored background. You see, jewelry has a shiny outlook that can be represented the best in dark color. And, pure black can give you that outlook you need for the most appealing view. We use Photoshop as a jewelry retouching software for the perfect output.

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Jewelry Photo Retouching

Spots and impurities are common in photographs even if you want to avoid them. After taking the photograph, it is impossible to ignore them. So, what is the solution to take out the spots and impurities? Retouching is the method by which we remove them and give the ornaments a clean look. 

Besides, this procedure increases the beauty of the jewelry. And, good presentation of jewelry highly depends on the impurity-free look. And, High-End Photo Retouching Services can give you the best in Jewelry Photo Editing.

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Jewelry Color Correction

Correction of color is another important part of Photo Editing Services. Whether you have taken the photograph in a good lighting environment or not, Color Correction Service is necessary. Without the proper color, the image may look dull and gloomy. 

And, this is much harmful if the product is jewelry. Yes, any jewelry presentation must be vibrant in color and exposure. Also, it is important not to overdo the color. So, you need to do the Color Correction exactly as necessary.

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Jewelry Drop Shadow

Shadow is a natural effect that we get depending on the light source and angle to the subject. Well, when we use the Background Removal service, we need to remove the shadow as well. So, the jewelry may look floating and artificial. 

And, that is why we add a Drop Shadow to give them a perfect real look. Well, one thing is mentionable. Drop Shadow addition looks better on a white or bright surface. If you add this on a dark surface, you will see no difference as the shadow is also dark. 

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Jewelry Image Cropping

Cropping the jewelry image is important sometimes. Well, this is not a mandatory part of Jewelry Photo Editing Services. Cropping means adjusting the image frame. The area around the subject can be shortened in order to get a better view. 

With the Cropping Tool of Photoshop, we decrease the border area of the jewelry image. As a result, you will have the jewelry well-focused for an outstanding presentation. So, this helps sometimes for Jewelry Photo Editing.

Jewelry Image Masking

Masking is a unique editing method that we use for Non-destructive Image Editing. So, what is non-destructive actually. Non-destructive means the process that does not harm the original form. So, you will have the subject intact even after the editing. 

We use Photoshop Image Masking for this one. The mask of this process is a layer inside a layer. So, the process is completely reversible. Also, we can invert the mask to keep the shapes only without the color or texture.

Watermark Adding

Watermark is a procedure that you can apply as your company branding over the image. The mark is visible over the image so that anyone who sees the subject, also sees this. For Jewelry photographs, this is very important. 

You cannot use your company name on the jewelry and anyone can copy the image and use that. But, if you use the watermark on the image, no one will use that. Also, this procedure is effective to advertise your company even more.

Image Optimization

The most important part of the Jewelry Photo Editing Service is the optimization. Any editing is not applicable for the jewelry images. So, we need to be technical with this. And, we make the best or most effective use of the jewelry image by optimization. 

Anything that is important for the presentation, we enhance it. On the other hand, anything that is not necessary, we remove it. With the proper optimization of the jewelry image, we achieve the best output. And, this gives your business a boost with perfection.

Benefits Of Jewelry Photo Editing Service

The benefits of the Jewelry Photo Editing Service is similar to Product Photo Editing Service. Here, jewelry is the product that we take care of. We know that the business of any discipline highly depends on good presentations. 

For the Jewelry business, the necessity is even more. Any single impurity can ruin the overall impression. Any mistake can cost you a loss in the business. 

So, you should be serious in a good presentation that Jewelry Photo Editing Service can. Give your jewelry photos a stunning look and grow your business with perfection.

What Are the Advantages and Proposes of Our Company?

Edit The Image is a Photo Editing Company that does on-demand image editing with satisfaction. We did not use the adjective ‘Best’ here for your performance. The comment we expect from you. We only do our best to please you with the services. 

We believe in perfection. So, anything we do, do it in a proper manner. We have 150+ efficient graphic designers who serve professional-quality image editing services. At the same time, we try to maintain the lowest price for the services. 

Also, we have up to 50% bulk discount facility depending on the quantity.

Jewelry Photo Editing Services At Edit The Image

Jewelry Photo Editing Services has great importance for business presentations. Several editing methods can give the photo a perfect stunning look. The most common one is the background removal. Retouching comes forward after that. 

We take care of even the small impurities of the jewelry photos. Correcting the color and exposure comes next at editing the image. And, finally, the addition of shine and effect completes the editing for a beautiful and perfect output.

Why Choose Edit The Image Photo Editing Services?

A number of reasons come forward to choosing Photo Editing Services to edit the jewelry images. The first and foremost one is to get a Professional Photo Editing Services. When you want a good presentation, you should go with the professionals. Time-consumption is another parallel reason. 

The editing you can do within an hour, an efficient graphic designer can do it within half of the time or less. So, you can have more time to focus on business even more. 

Also, you can change the look of the jewelry image to the most appealing one. And, all of these drags the customer to amplify your business growth in the end.