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High-end photo retouching services provided by Edit The Image perfectly meet the requirements of professional photographers, E-commerce, Online shop and Retailers who want to save time & money. Get budget-friendly & hassle-free photo editing service today.

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We’re Your Outsource Photo Retouching Company Who Brings Perfect Photos For You.

Maybe you have been wondering why your friends or competitors in the digital marketing era beneficially sell their products and services every day. Relax! At the end of this article, you will come out with a helpful and practical solution right on your fingerprints.

In this case, Photo retouching services is the real deal. However, with countless companies out there claiming to deliver these services for you, ensure you strictly choose the experts to avoid later disappointments.

Why Choose Edit The Image - Handmade Photo Retouching Service?

We are currently the best Photo retouching experts in the markets. Our Photo retouches are trained at making undetectable, subtle edits to make client images appear live, natural and professional. You only need to upload images, write the needs; the rest will be taken care of by our professionals.

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What They Say

“For a few objects, I had a Clipping Path created from Edit The Image. I found them amazing with perfect path creation. Good job.”

Nathan L. Hahn (USA)

“You have taken care of all the impurities beautifully. The impression is natural and the finishing is great. Thank you, Edit The Image for a nice job.”

Daniel B. Nixon

“The symmetrical ghost mannequin effect I asked for came exactly as I expected. No sign of imperfections or mismatch. Well done Edit The Image team.”

Anssi Korpela

What are clipping path services?

Clipping paths are the digital way to cut an item out of a photo. Remember cutting out pictures from magazines? It’s just like that, only digital. (A tip: if you’re cutting out a subject with hair or fur, you probably need image masking — another cutout technique that’s used for more intricate edges.)

Once our clipping path specialists finish the clipping path, everything on the inside of the path is included, and everything outside is removed.

Not all clipping paths are alike, so the rates for each project vary. Every image is different, but we follow standard pricing guidelines to make sure your rate is always clear and objective, even if you’re working with a different designer.

Here’s an overview of how we price different clipping path projects:

1. Basic Clipping Paths – 49¢ per image

How to chosen the right photo retouching service provider

You don’t need to just land on any Photo retouching company accessible. This is because right and effective company tends to make your specific promotional products appealing attractive to the customers. Below are top qualities you should look for before you accept performance from any company:


This is an essential thing you cannot compromise. Observe and compare clipping styles of your suppliers to see what fits what you want.

Customer support

Of course, you cannot wait for hours and hours for your queries or messages to be sorted out. A service provider that has strong and reliable customer support is more helpful.

Cost and payment

Remember to analyze and look pricing structure which favors you.

Service list

The best is a clipping path that also does other things such as ghost mannequins, photo retouching, and vector conversion. We utilize various people contractors based on the editing work needed.

Why do you need professional Photo retouching services in your e-commerce?

In essence, the clipping path tends to play a significant role for eCommerce, Photographers, Amazon & Online Retails companies. And below are top reasons why business owner loves it:

We really understand the concern of our customers regarding the cost of clipping path. Don’t worry, this issue is in our mind, and we are considering offering the lowest price for you.

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Overall, clipping path is among essential techniques for Photo retouching and image editing to eventually make it appear lively to the audience. It is essential to select a clipping service prodder which focuses on your satisfaction.

product image editing services for amazon
product image editing services for amazon