Product Photo Editing Service

Product Photo Editing Services are well known in the world of online marketing. Finishing and beautifying any product image is the goal of these services. Well, this is a novel technique of 21 century in the wide area of the internet. Marketing was never so fashionable and effective with proper visualization before. Get the best product photo editing services to enhance your business possibility. Also, outsourcing product photo editing can relieve your pressure of editing.

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E-commerce product image editing companies serve the purpose so far. But, what is it? ‘Product’ is anything that people need to have for themselves or business purposes. And ‘Photo Editing Services’ does the next great modification of the products for a good presentation. Combining both of them together, photo editing services that makes a product image appealing to the customers is Product Photo Editing Services.

How Does Product Photo Editing Enhance the Photo?

Product photo editing comes with a whole big set of editing services. Depending on the product image and required editing methods, we apply the editing. For example, You shoot a product photo with a lot of items around. 

So, the product photo will need to be separated from the surroundings. Say, the product photo has impurities over the body. Then, the image will need retouching to vanish the impurities. 

So, any sort of editing that graphic designers use to beautify the product is by the photo editing services. And, this is how retouching product photography enhance the Photo.  

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Our Product Photo Editing Pricing

We are in a competitive market where pricing matters a lot. You may find cheap retouching services with the quality below the mark. We suppose, you do not want that kind of service. 

But, we offer you the industry bottom price with the highest quality that you wish for. Our editing services for your product photos cost quite low and that is $0.29 per image.

Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

We offer a huge discount on bulk orders for our permanent customers. The discount depends on the order quantity and services you need. We offer up to 50% discount on a bulk order for any services you need. Also, we give our permanent customers a monthly discount if the order quantity reaches the mark. 

Well, for the bulk discount up to 50% is also applicable for our new clients starts with a minimum quantity. For more information, go to our contact us page and get the feedback within 10 minutes.

What Does Product Image Editing Service Include?

Product Image Editing Services have some wings including effect addition. The services we provide are just to give your product image a perfect look. But, the real secret lies within the hand of graphic designers and heartily set of activities. Types of e-commerce photo editing services are many. We are mentioning the basic ones here.

Background Changing

The most common and useful editing method for a product image is the ‘Background Changing’. Well, this also answers the question, “What is background remove?” You do not want your product image surrounded by other objects, do you? No, you don’t. Background changing is the way to set your product image free from any distraction. 

We mark the product image with the Pen Tool or any selection tool that matches. Then we separate it from the background. We have Clipping Path, Background Removal, and Image Masking services to change the background. 

Also, you may find the Clipping Path website for free background changing. Well, you will find limitations in them. You can advise us which one to apply to your product image or let us choose the best for you.

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Image Cropping

Another common image editing service is the ‘Image Cropping’. Well, this one is not one of the mandatory parts of image editing but we use it often. With the help of the ‘Cropping Tool’, we create a frame around the image subject. Or, we use the ‘Marquee Tool’ to make a selection then use cropping to cut out unnecessary areas.

Color Correction

Do you need your product image to look vibrant with color and appearance? Well, Color Correction service is just the right thing to apply for the same. Whether you have the right color or exposure of your product image, you can always enhance that. With the proper color correction, you can get the most appealing look in the image.

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Watermark Adding

Watermark addition is something extra in photo editing. The effect is like a semi-transparent object on the image. You can use the text or the logo as a watermark. Our efficient graphic designers add watermark as a part of the photo with your product image.

Noise Reduction

Noise is a little rough effect on the image. Without the right amount of noise, the product image may look dull or gloomy. But, sometimes the excess presence of the noise may ruin the impression. 

So, the reduction of noise is mandatory sometimes. We reduce the noise to achieve the natural look so that your product image may become eye-catching.


What is the Photo Retouching service? The word ‘Retouching’ has a couple of meanings in the world of image editing. In one sense, retouching means any kind of image editing. In another sense, retouching is the specific editing service to achieve a smooth effect on the image. 

For product image, retouching means the smoothing of course. Image Editing service that gives the product image smoothness, technically it is the photo retouching service.

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Mask is an artificial layer that can be worn over the face to disguise. The definition of a mask is the one in real. But, for image editing, ‘Masking’ means something a little different than that. Masking comes from the Photoshop operation over an image. 

With the mask you can keep visible some places and hide some according to your will. Especially, masking is applicable for the product images that have thin or soft edges. More precisely, where the Clipping Path cannot do the job properly, masking is the life-saver.

Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow in product photo editing services is another familiar one. Natural shadow may not fulfill the appealing look all the time. Besides, Drop shadow is quite easy to modify with simple mouse operation. With this operation we create a shadow that is more eye-catching to the buyers’ eye.

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What Are the Advantages and Proposes of Our Company?

A large number of advantages and proposals our company offers to the honorable clients.

  • First of all, the quality. We give you the highest quality product photo editing services at a comparatively low price.
  • Secondly, photo editing capacity per day is up to 5000 images within 24 hours maintaining the quality.
  • Thirdly, we have 24/7 customer support to communicate and co-operate with the clients. 
  • Fourthly, we give up to 50% discount on bulk order depending on the project file quantity and the services you need.
  • Fifthly, we care about your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our editing works, we give you unlimited revision facility to your satisfaction level.
  • Also, we respect your proposal and co-operate with that as our own responsibility. And, we have urgent job completion facility for our regular clients as well.

Photo Editing Services

Photo Editing Services that we mentioned above are the common ones. Our efficient graphic designers are hardworking, energetic, and able to work under pressure. So, any photo editing services you need, we are confident to handle well. Photo retouching images surely prove the expertise that they can. 

We have a three-layer quality checkup division to avoid mistakes. Any, kind of editing from simple cutout to advanced retouching, give that to us. You just sit back and relax till the turnaround time. We promise you the satisfaction, not the job completion only.

Ecommerce Image Editing Service

‘E-commerce Image Editing Service’ is the mother of the ‘Product Photo Editing Service’. Any product on the e-commerce sites goes through image editing. Why? Because of the website requirement and naturally attractive image. 

E-commerce image editing free websites offer limited services in condition. Any renowned e-commerce site has some conditions to upload an image. RAW image is not acceptable to them. You need to use an image without the background or on a white background. 

The image size and the frame size should be according to the website instruction. Except for the points mentioned, you will see more instructions you need to follow. In a word, e-commerce image editing service is the gateway to online marketing presentation. An online photo editor for e-commerce is to serve the purpose well.

Why Edit The Image?

The most common and widely used reason to edit the image is to make it eye-catching. Editing beautifies the image to give that a presentable view. But, that is not all. Editing has more purposes than already mentioned. 

We have other editing services such as Ghost Effects, 360-degree packshot, image manipulation, etc. as well. Editing of the image creates a lively effect to the viewers.

Product Photo Editing Services at Edit The Image

Product Photo Editing Services at Edit the Image is part and parcel. The editing is similar to the services. The only difference is, the image we use for editing is a product. Photo editing services are applicable to all kinds of images. 

But, product photo editing is more important as it is related to business. A good editing can increase the possibility of business. On the other hand, improper editing can ruin the impression of the product and make a loss in the end.